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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Important: The information contained below is for guidance only. Although every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly recommend you visit the for up-to-date information. Further details on eligibility, required documents and application can be found here -

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will include information about the student, their sponsor (educational provider), their course, the evidence used to obtain the offer and the fees.


UK Educational Services admissions team will send out CAS statements to those who need to apply under the Tier 4 route. This is conditional upon the student fulfilling the terms set out in their offer letter and having confirmed their place(s) by returning the required deposit or sponsorship letter. The CAS statement should then be included with their visa application.


The CAS statement from our admissions team will include:

  • The sponsor's licence number, address and contact details; ACL code for BRP collection (if applicable)

  • The student's name, date of birth, nationality, country of birth and passport/travel document number.

  • Course details such as name, level, start and end date, hours per week, address of student's main place of study.

  • Documents used to obtain the offer: this will give a brief description of our assessment of the student's academic level and English proficiency, including details such as student's previous courses/qualifications and Secure English Language Test results. If a student has previously studied in the UK under Tier 4 route, an Academic Progression statement on how the new course of studies represents academic progression is also included here. 

  • Course fees for the first year and any payments already made. If relevant, any accommodation fees for the first year and any payments towards it already made.

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