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Important: The information contained below is for guidance only. Although every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly recommend you visit the for up-to-date information. Further details on eligibility, required documents and application can be found here -

Most student visa refusals under Tier 4 are due to errors in financial documentations. Please read this section carefully and use the link provided for up to date advice.

Depending on the length of the course, the amount of finance required to satisfy the points-based assessment will vary as follows:

Length of course: 9 months or less

Where you will study: London-based

Maintenance (finance) needed: Full course fees + £1,265 for each calendar month of the course

Length of course: 9 months or less

Where you will study: Outside London

Maintenance (finance) needed: Full course fees + £1,015 for each calendar month of the course


Length of course: More than 9 months

Where you will study: London-based

Maintenance (finance) needed: First year of fees + £11,385 to cover the first 9 months

Length of course: More than 9 months

Where you will study:  Outside London

Maintenance (finance) needed: First year of fees + £9,135 to cover the first 9 months

Tier 4 Child


The financial evidence required will depend on whether you are boarding at the school or living independently. Please refer to the UKVI website for full details.


The Financing (or maintenance) criteria can be funded either by:

  • The student (or parent or legal legal guardian) or

  • A financial sponsor.


If it is through a financial sponsor, this means a student is given money to cover their course fees and living costs. If their financial sponsor is only covering some of the student's course fees or living costs, then he/she must show evidence that they have the rest of the money needed (as above). 


The student must provide a letter of confirmation from their official financial sponsor, which may be Her Majesty's government, the student's home government, the British Council or any international organisation, company or university. It should not be a relative (except parents) or non-international company.


The letter of confirmation must be on official letter-headed paper or stationery of the organisation of the official financial sponsor, feature the official stamp of that organisation and show the:

  • name and contact details of the official financial sponsor

  • date of the letter

  • full name of the student (that appears in their passport)

  • education provider and course details (name, term dates, duration)

  • length of their sponsorship

  • amount of money that the official financial sponsor is giving to the student or a statement that they will cover all (or part) of the student's fees and living costs.


Evidence of Funds

For bank statements, they must:

  • Be dated no more than one month before the visa application submission date;

  • Show that the entire amount required (as per above) has been in the account for 28 consecutive days (and has not fallen below the required amount throughout the 28 days)

  • Be for a cash account


Fees Paid to Institutions

Fees already paid to institutions towards student's tuition fees can be deducted when calculating how much money a student needs to meet the maintenance funds requirements for a Tier 4 visa application. However as per the rules came into force since 6th April 2012, please note for fees paid towards accommodation fees, there is a maximum of £1,000 can be offset against the required funds for Tier 4 General students and Tier 4 Child students who live independently. If in any doubt, please contact our admissions team for advice before making a payment towards the balance of your fees.


Applying using your parent's documents

If parent's bank statements are used in the visa application, submission of the following to prove the relationship between parents and the applicant is also required:

  • Original legal documentations (or notarised copy) from parent/legal guardian who are financially supporting the applicant. The documentation should confirm the relationship between the parent/legal guardian and the applicant. This could include the following:

    • Birth certificate showing the applicant and the parents' names;

    • Certificate of adoption showing applicant and the parents' names;

    • Court document showing the applicant and the legal  guardian's names;

    • A letter from parent/legal guardian confirming the relationship between the applicant and the parent/legal guardian and that parent/legal guardian consent to using their funds to pay for the tuition and maintenance during the applicant's studies in the UK.


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