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Étudier à l'étranger

Important: The information contained below is for guidance only. Although every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly recommend you visit the for up-to-date information. Further details on eligibility, required documents and application can be found here -

International students can only study with a licensed sponsor. As a condition of being a licensed sponsor, the education provider is responsible for the student while they are in the UK. All UK Educational Services colleges and centres will liaise with the UKVI and are obliged to report students to the UKVI if they 1) do not arrive for the start of their course 2) withdraw from their course 3) defer or suspend their studies 4) are absent for significant periods of time.


Visa extension in the UK


As of November 2015 and April 2016 Immigration Changes – Tier 4 General students are restricted to extend their visas in the UK. You have to bear in mind 3 factors:

  • Type of their current Tier 4 sponsor

  • Gap between the current visa end date and new course start date

  • Academic Progression requirement


  1. Type of the Tier 4 sponsor. Please refer to the Tier 4 Register of Sponsors to find out the type of the educational establishment. Only those Tier 4 General students, who are currently sponsored by a HEI, Embedded College or Independent School, could extend their visa in the UK.

  2. Gap between the current visa end date and new course start date MUST NOT exceed 28 days.

  3. Academic Progression requirement must be met. According to the Home Office clarification – Academic Progression requirement is met when an applicant successfully completed (meaning you have achieved the qualification for which you were studying) the previous course for which you were last granted Tier 4 leave, and your new course must be above the level of the previous course for which you were given Tier 4 leave.

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