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Points-Based System

Important: The information contained below is for guidance only. Although every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly recommend you visit the for up-to-date information. Further details on eligibility, required documents and application can be found here -

  • In order to qualify for Tier 4, students must pass a points-based assessment and score 40 points by satisfying the following:


Criteria: Presentation of a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a licensed Tier 4 sponsor.

Number of Points: 30

Criteria: Evidence to show they have the finances to study in the UK (known as maintenance) by demonstrating they can cover:

Course fees for up to 9 months.

- Monthly living costs for up to 9 months.

- See table below for specific amounts depending on length of course.
A bank statement must be provided to confirm the student (or parent/legal guardian) has held the money for a minimum of 28 days.

Number of Points: 10

Criteria: Total points required to be granted a visa.

Number of Points: 40


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