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Working Whilst Studying

Important: The information contained below is for guidance only. Although every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly recommend you visit the for up-to-date information. Further details on eligibility, required documents and application can be found here -

International students are able to work in the UK as per the conditions imposed in their visa during their studies with opportunities available including:

  • part-time work

  • vacation work

  • course-related work placements.


Working whilst studying brings many benefits including extra money and it can also help to improve the level of the English language. However, the students should be careful not to let their job interfere with their studies as this is, after all, the reason why they are here in the UK.


Do not under-estimate the hours needed to focus on studies in order to successfully achieve the desired academic result.


Students may work part-time for a number of hours during term time depending on their course, age and type of visa. As per latest Tier 4 Policy Guidance (November 2015) the following restrictions apply:


Tier 4 Child students, who are over the age of 16, are allowed to work if it is no more than 10 hours a week during term-time; full-time during vacations.


Tier 4 General Students - only if their sponsor is HEI – are allowed to work between 10—20 hours during term-time (dependant on the level of the course), and full time during vacations.


Note: Please always refer to the UKVI website for up to date information in case of policy changes.


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